Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Canada



Reaching out over a misty expanse of evergreen foliage, the Cliffwalk at Capilano Suspension Bridge dares visitors to tread out over the open canyon below and drink in the bird’s-eye view. With the Capilano River rushing below the treetops, visitors can fully experience nature’s majesty above, beside, and below.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in British Columbia, the original bridge was constructed in 1889, spanning 450 feet across and 230 feet high. The new Cliffwalk path is just 20 inches wide, with only woven steel and glass separating you from the expanse of empty air below.

The Cliffwalks’ cliffside location makes it difficult to maintain or repair, as the arc hangs 295 feet above the river below. Furthermore, the attraction is located only a few miles from the Pacific coastline that surrounds Vancouver, allowing constant contact of corrosive moisture with the exposed steel elements. A maintenance-free corrosion protection system was critical to avoid the dangerous, costly, and unpleasant task of routine maintenance, and the superior barrier and corrosion protection of hot dip galvanized steel made it the ideal choice to protect this new facility.

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