Sugar Warehouse

Santos, Brazil



The new Sugar Warehouse with a storage capacity of 80,000 tons is located in the sugar terminal of Rumo Logística in the port of Santos. Measuring 200m x 40m and a height of 30m it is considered to be one of the largest of such facilities within the terminal. The galvanized steel trusses have been designed to follow the angle of repose of the mounds of sugar stored within.

Project engineers, Blat paid due consideration to; climate, performance, economics and project deadlines in their decision on the most suitable corrosion protection system for the steelwork for the project.

The project demonstrates perfectly the advantages of galvanized steel for construction of functional buildings. The coastal location of the building justifies the best choice of corrosion protection.

The project partners chose galvanizing to ensure they could deliver the building on time for the client and with favourable economics during the initial construction. Those partners made a commitment to galvanizing at the first design stage and demonstrated that, by doing this, even large structures can be galvanized if the component sizes are matched to the galvanizing kettles. Finally, the project accepted no weakness in corrosion protection. The whole structure is galvanized – including the structural fasteners.

Project Details

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