Past Intergalva Events

The International Galvanizing Conference (‘Intergalva’) series of events that are held every 3 years. The conferences cover technical, commercial and environmental topics for the general (batch) hot dip galvanizing industry and are combined with an extensive exhibition of plant, equipment, materials and services for the industry. The series that began in 1950 and was last held in Berlin in 2018. It is the premier event for the worldwide galvanizing industry.

Intergalva 2018

Berlin, Germany

Intergalva 2018 was organised by European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) and hosted by Industrieverbrand Feuerverzinken e.V.

Intergalva 2015

Liverpool, UK

Intergalva 2015 was organised by European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) and hosted by the Galvanizers Association.

Previous International Conferences

2012 Paris
2009 Madrid
2006 Naples
2003 Amsterdam
2000 Berlin
1997 Birmingham
1994 Paris
1991 Barcelona
1988 Rome
1985 Munich
1982 London
1979 Paris

1976 Madrid
1973 Stresa
1970 Düsseldorf
1967 London
1964 Paris
1961 Interlaken
1958 Benelux
1956 Milan
1954 Oxford
1952 Düsseldorf
1950 Copenhagen

The International Galvanizing Conference
Organised by European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) and hosted by Associazione Italiana Zincatura (AIZ).
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