Magicone Water Slide

Land Of Legends Aqua Park, Antalya, Turkey

Shortlisted – Industry Award


Magicone Water Slide has been built at the Land of Legends Aqua Park in one of the most popular vacation locations on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

In water park industry, the main goal of new projects is to ensure high quality and long life. For this reason, features have to be designed correctly and materials must be selected with great care. Steel is a perfect material for these type of project as it gives the architect freedom in design process – allowing more creative designs that mean a more exciting and fun experience for customers.

To achieve a long project life, the effects of water and water mists, chlorine in the pool water and possible micro-biotic corrosion when the park is closed have to be considered. In this project, the proximity to the sea was also important. Polin Water Parks therefore preferred a hot dip galvanized coating for the steelwork - to ensure reliability of the feature and to make it maintenance-free without any interruption for repairs. The support structure is all hot dip galvanized. For example, the conical part of the slide (dish) is 21m in height; 20m in length and has a width of 25m and is supported by 58 tonnes of hot dip galvanized steel.

Project Details

Architecture, design and construction
Polin Waterparks
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