Pyramid Residential Building

New York, United States Of America

Shortlisted – Industry Award


In the heart of New York City, along the Hudson River, gleams this very visible monument to hot-dip galvanizing. The 750-unit building, located in Hell’s Kitchen, resembles a pyramid with a steeply sloped façade rising 467 feet toward the Northeast. The building features angular balconies and an impressive green plaza and is built to provide great views with little traffic noise.

The VIA 57WEST is a dramatic, gateway to the Manhattan skyline and really incorporates both European and New York influences. Bjarke Ingles Group, which originates in Denmark, worked with the local steel fabricator and galvanizer to achieve the goal of building something that stands out. Hot-dip galvanizing was chosen for the building structure thanks to its maintenance-free longevity, while also being a nod to BIG’s European influences, where hot dip galvanizing is used much more prominently in buildings than in North America.

BIG accomplished their mission of standing out in a city where so many iconic structures already stand. On a sunny day the pyramid can be seen from most spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The beautifully designed building is an amazing addition to the famous skyline and, thanks to hot dip galvanized steel, VIA 57WEST will impact that skyline beautifully for many generations to come.

Project Details

Bjarke Ingels Group
Orange County Iron Works
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