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Conference Presentations 2015

Intergalva 2015 delegates can view and download the conference presentations in PDF format.

These presentations must not be reproduced or further reproduced without the permission of the conference organisers and the authors.

Opening Session

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jeremy Woolridge, President, European General Galvanizers Association, Tim Straker, Chairman, Galvanizers Association, William Smith, Director, Galvanizers Association


Session 1

Keynote Session

Keynote speech

Lord Digby Jones

Keynote speech

Dr Edwin Basson, Secretary-General, World Steel Association

Panel Discussion

Global Business Outlook for Manufacturing

The Zinc Market – Fund Fatigue versus Fundamental Realities

Duncan Hobbs, Noble Metals


Session 2

The Galvanizing Business

The Galvanizing Industry in China

Zhang Qifu, China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (China)


Renovate or Relocate

B Cathcart, Australian Zinc Pty Ltd (Australia)


Innovative Ideas in the Digital Marketing of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

P Rahrig, American Galvanizers Association (USA)


Session 3

Building Bridges with Galvanizing

Long-term evidence for the durability of galvanized steel bridges

D Deacon, Steelwork Protection Consultancy (United Kingdom)


Sustainability assessment of corrosion protection options for steel bridges

B Rossi, KU Leuven (Belgium)


Galvanizing in the Stoneham Bridge, Quebec

E Michaud, Corbec Corporation & F Paradis, CIMA+ (Canada)


Session 4

Applications of Galvanizing – Technology Update

Development of the Galvanized Reinforcing Bar Market in Japan

H Shibayama, Y Shimizu and Y Takedomi, Japan Galvanizers Association


Market advantages of lowering concrete cover using galvanized reinforcement

J Tundidor, ATEG (Spain)


Comparative performance of galvanizing with continuously applied zinc-aluminium-magnesium coatings – Results of exposure tests in Japan

H Shibayama, Japan Galvanizers Association


Galvanizing and slip resistant connections

T Langill, American Galvanizers Association (USA)


The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Bolt Investigation

T Langill, American Galvanizers Association (USA)


Session 5

Galvanizing in Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure and Architecture

Sustainability and Construction

A Hardwick, Thinkstep (United Kingdom)


Sustainability in Action: Recovery of zinc from EAF dusts from the steel industry

C Stewart, International Lead Zinc Study Group (Portugal)


Hot dip galvanizing in alternative energy applications

F Goodwin, International Zinc Association (USA)


Session 6

Galvanizing in Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure and Architecture

Galvanizing and wind energy

R Thompson, Siemens Wind Power (United Kingdom)


Galvanizing in Energy from Waste Facilities

J Dowling, Tata Steel Construction (United Kingdom)


AVCOP FP7-EU project: Protective aesthetic sol-gel coatings for Zn coated metals

B Duffy, Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology (Ireland)


Session 7

Galvanizing in Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure and Architecture

Future designs of structures for high speed rail electrification

R Jessing, COBE (Denmark)


Galvanizing in the oil and gas sector

T Rosbrook, Consultant in Offshore Corrosion


Field Trials of Duplex Systems at an Oil and Gas Company in Brazil

R Suplicy de Araugo Goes, ICZ-Non Ferrous Metals Institute; M Schultz, Petrobras, (Brazil)


Session 8

Global Galvanizing Awards

Presentation of the winning projects of the 2015 Global Galvanizing Awards

The Central Bus Station at Haldensleben and other galvanized steel projects

Prof. Helmut C. Schulitz, Schulitz Architects (Germany)

Vienna Railway Station

Michael Frischauf, Albert Wimmer ZT-Gmbh (Austria)

Session 9

Improving Operating Efficiency I

Research on the use of steel wires and the mechanical characterization and zinc consumption in the function of hot dip galvanizing steel components

R Fratesi, University of Ancona, (Italy)


Immersion gas heater tubes – Increased efficiency in galvanizing

René Branders, David Warichet & Paul Giraud, FIB Belgium sa (Belgium)


Our Experience of Using Variable Speed Drives for Energy-Saving Purposes within our Galvanizing Plants

W Bulger, Wedge Group Galvanizing (United Kingdom)


Session 10

Improving Operating Efficiency II

New Environmental Friendly Pre-treatment for Hot Dip Galvanizing

J Kader, Stockmeier Chemie GmbH (Germany)


Influencing the Flux Parameters with Flux Treatment

E van der Staaij, Indufinish bv (The Netherlands)


Debunking the Degassing Issue in Powder Coating on Galvanized Steel

G Crowley, Highland Galvanizers (United Kingdom)


Session 11

Improving Operating Efficiency III

What advanced compared simulation on high velocity furnaces is revealing about energy efficiency in hot dip galvanizing

M Ubiali, Gimeco Impianti Srl (Italy)


Design of Driers for the Batch Galvanizing Process

M Harding, Consultant (United Kingdom)


A Novel Method for Calculating Kettle Life

X Liu, Hasco-Thermic Ltd (United Kingdom)


Session 12

Galvanizing Technology

Understanding stresses in steel components during galvanizing of structural steelwork – new perspectives on thermal dynamics during dipping

J Kudlacek, V Kuklik, V Kreibich, F Wald, M Kolarikova, Czech Technical University in Prague and M Zmrzly, Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic)


Application of Hot Dip Zn-Al-Mg Alloy Coatings to Steel Structures

T Morooka, Kowa Kogyosho Co Ltd (Japan)


21st Century New Green Hot Dip Galvanizing

Zhao Qing, (Zhai Yulong, Zhang Zhihong, Shao Daqin & Zhang Qifu), China (Dongdian Zhuolu Energy Equipments Co.Ltd, (China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group) (China)

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