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Conference Presentations 2012

Intergalva 2012 delegates can view and download the conference presentations in PDF format.

These presentations must not be reproduced or further reproduced without the permission of the conference organisers and the authors.

Session 1

The World of Zinc

Zinc Mine and Smelter Outlook

D Smale (International Lead and Zinc Study Group)


‘Zinc Saves Kids’ – Achievements in Child Health Intervention Programmes

N Dalminya (UNICEF, USA)


Session 2

Galvanizing in Transport and Infrastructure

50 Years of Experience Return on Galvanized Steel Structures used in Fixed Installation for Electrical Traction in the French Railway Network

A Machet, C Kalonji, D Ligonniere and D Gehl (SNCF, France)


High-speed Rail Fasteners: A Case Study in Spain

J M Amo (National Centre for Metallurgical Research, Spain) andJ Tundidor (Asociacion Técnica Española de Galvanización, Spain)


Hot Dip Galvanizing for Steel and Composite Bridges

D Ungermann and D Rademacher (Technical University Dortmund, Germany)


Fatigue Toughness of Galvanized High Strength Steels for Structural Applications for the Automotive Industry

E J Petit, S Aden-Ali, Y Gosbety, L Schmitt, J Gilgert and Z Azari ( University of Metz, France)


Session 3

Plant Technology – I

Application of New Technology to Hot Dip Galvanizing Products in Japan

Y Kitano, M Maeyama, T Hatano and H Nishimine (Tanaka Galvanizing Co Ltd, Japan)


The Recovery of Zinc from General Hot Dip Galvanizing Bottom Dross

M Bright and S Ellis (Pyrotek Inc, USA)


Software Tools to Support the Full Life Cycle of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants

R Geiersberger (Ingenia GmbH, Austria)


Remote Access Technical Support in the Galvanizing Industry

C Mason and M Harding (Western Technologies, USA); M Lamb (Cepha Controls, USA)


Session 4

Furnaces and Kettle Technology

The Atlas Project: Using Advanced Computerized Modelling to Explore Heat Transfer and Efficiency in Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnaces and Kettles

J F Hetu and F Ilnea (National Research Council, Canada); M Ubiali (Zinco Global)

Reflective Ceramic Coating for hot dip galvanizing furnaces

K Sagurna and W Niehaus (WIR Technology, Germany)


Development of an Intelligent Furnace Management System

Xinyi Liu (University of Sheffield, UK)


Newer High Velocity Furnaces

E Moroni (Gimeco Impianti Srl, Italy)


Session 5

Product Technology – I

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel in Deep Level South African Mines

R Wilmot (Hot Dip Galvanizers Association Southern Africa, South Africa)


Fire Protection – Investigating the Positive Effect of a Zinc Coating on Steel Temperatures During a Fire

M Heinisuo (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)


Fabrication of Galvanized Steel with Antibacterial Activity

K Hirota, H Sakai and M Kato (Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan); Y Takano and H Kuwahara (Japan Galvanizers Association, Japan)


A Review of Development of Advanced High Strength Flat Rolled Steels and their Implications for Future Long Products

F Goodwin, (International Zinc Association, USA)


Session 6

Marketing and Communication

Galvanizing Buzz – Promotion with Web and Social Media

C Ménage (Construiacier, France)


Geo-business marketing for Galvanizing Companies: See, Know, Analyse, Decide, Optimise

R Stupper (Tellus SpA, Italy)

Environmental Assessment of Galvanizing According to the Methodology DIOGEN (DIOGEN database of environmental impacts of materials for civil engineering works)

F Gomes and A Feraille (Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, France); G Habert and C Tessier (IFSTTAR, France); Y Tardivel (SETRA, France) and L Néel (Galvazinc Association, France)

Session 7

Galvanizing and Architecture

The role of galvanized steel in the preservation of Paris’ heritage – The renovation of the 13th Century College of Les Bernardine

J M Wilmotte and P Engel (Architect, France)

Designing in the Public-Private Partnership approach – Galvanizing in the Marseille stadium for Euro 2016

M Cousseau (Bouygues, France)


Hot Dip Galvanizing and Total Costs

P Mit (Union Nationale des Economists de la Construction, France)


Session 8

Awards and Prizes

International Galvanizing Awards for Architecture and Construction


French Student Prizes for Galvanizing and Stadium Architecture


Bablik Medal Ceremony


Session 9

Coating Performance

Zinc Coatings Lifetime Determination in the Atmospheric Environment

K Kreislová (SVÜOM, Czech Republic)


Twenty Years of Experience in Exploiting Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings in the Mine Environment

H Kania, P Podolski and P Liberski (Silesian University of Technology, Poland)


Vine Trellis – Specific Corrosion Resistance Requirements, more than 20 Years of Experience

J-M Leclerq (CEP Consulting, France)


Practical Use of Advanced Image Processing System to Diagnose Residual Service Life of Galvanized Coatings

K Fujimura, H Tsuji and Y Nishio (Denro Corporation, Japan); K Fujimoto (Fukushima University, Japan)


Session 10

Coating Technology

Revisiting ‘Colour’ Hot Dip Galvanizing by Titanium Bath Alloying

T Török, G Lévai and A Ender ( University of Miskolc, Hungary)


Environmental Product Declarations for Structural Steel and Hot Dip Galvanizing as a Basis for Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings

B Hauke (Bauforumstahl, Düsseldorf, Germany) and M Huckshold (Industrieverband Feuerverzinken, Germany)


Higher Aluminium Galvanizing – Technology Field Results

F Biffi and J Deglavs (SIA ZN Metals, Latvia)


The Effect of Substrate Microstructure on Formation of Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings

S Sepper, P Peetsalu, V Mikli and M Saarna (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia)


Session 11

Process Technology and Safety

Study on the Corrosion Behaviour and Self Healing Ability of Silicate Conversion Coatings on Hot Dip Galvanized Steels

G Kong (South China University of Technology, China)


We Handle Thousands of Tonnes of Steel a Year – We’re Bound to Get Hurt!

D Hill (Wedge Group Galvanizing, UK)


Securit Hanging Jigs

C Wozniak (Prestia, France)


Masking Materials for Preventing Hot Dip Galvanizing

T Langill and B Duran (American Galvanizers Association, USA)


Session 12

Pretreatment Technology and Recycling

Bath Homogeneity in General Galvanizing Baths

R Pankert and M Jungar (Boliden, Sweden)


Important Parameters in Pickling and Stripping Process and their Control in Encapsulated and Automatic Pretreatment Plants

F Nerat (Koerner Chemieanlagenbau GmbH, Austria)

An Efficient, Green and Sustainable Degreaser for the HDG Process

A Berlendis (Specialities srl, Italy)


Treatment and Recycling of Spent Pickle Hydrochloric Acid in the Galvanizing Process

R Schapiro and V Boiko (Green Future Recycling Ltd, Israel)

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