The New Symbol for Batch Galvanizing

After extensive discussions within the EGGA Marketing Committee, a common symbol for batch galvanizing has been established. These discussions started in response to the age-old problem of other coatings ‘pretending’ to be a batch galvanized coating. The misuse of the word ‘galvanizing’ is hard to stop – so a new, more visual, approach was needed.

Many options were explored – some more innovative than others and we had many arguments along the way! Our final choice was for a simple and effective symbol that reinvents the traditional ‘I-Beam’ in a modern context.

There are two versions of the symbol – with and without the text ‘EN ISO 1461’. The version that includes ‘EN ISO 1461’ is for normal use. The alternative version is for use when the text may be too small or inappropriate to the use of the symbol. In theory and by agreement, other equivalent national standards could be used with the symbol.

A ‘Symbol Guidelines’ and final graphics package has been issued to EGGA’s National Associations and we are ready to share the use of the symbol with our worldwide partner associations.

The symbol is intended to distinguish batch galvanizing from other protective coatings and to provide a common generic identity within our communications. It is not intended as a ‘brand’ logo. Its origins lie in the past difficulties encountered through the lack of a clear identity and the confusion of technical terms and phrases to describe batch galvanizing.

Initially, it is intended that the symbol will be used by National Associations in technical/promotional literature, websites, etc. Member companies of associations may also use the symbol. Decisions on use by member companies should be taken at national level.

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