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Leading galvanizing technology made in Germany

Scheffer Krantechnik has been developing and manufacturing complex crane and transport systems for a wide range of applications and industry sectors since 1963. By constantly focusing on top quality, both in terms of its products and services, over the years Scheffer has become a veritable institution in the crane and transport industry. The services from the approximately 300 employees range from planning and construction, manufacturing and assembly and a comprehensive after-sales service including training and maintenance. Scheffer Krantechnik accompanies its customers from beginning to end, and far beyond.

Over the past decades, Scheffer has established itself as one of the world’s market leaders and a reliable partner in the galvanizing industry.

Scheffer's extensive knowledge of complex cranes, for more than 20 years, has influenced and inspired the development of components for hot-dip galvanizing plants. Many owners and operators of hot-dip galvanizing plants in Germany, Europe and all over the world have chosen the reliability and efficiency of Scheffer components as well as complete plant installations.

Scheffer product range comprises all individual components, from manual to fully automatic transport systems, for high-performance plants, including material flow planning, layout design and real-time simulation to maximise productivity and optimise capital cost.

Customers’ needs and demands often differ, but Scheffer's modular system enables them to develop any layout the customer requires. All equipment, from a conventional overhead bridge crane, to the automatic drive units, is specifically designed for the rough and challenging working conditions encountered within a hot-dip galvanizing plant and also engineered to meet the tailor-made solutions for customers individual demands.

Scheffer Krantechnik is not only the perfect partner when it comes to modernising or upgrading existing facilities, but also accompanying customers as a general contractor for greenfield projects.

In the galvanizing industry, the specialised team of Scheffer takes all upcoming tasks of their customers from planning over contracting third parties to building and finishing the assignment. To keep up with the customer's needs, Scheffer coordinates every step in permanent communication with the client.

With its strong worldwide network paired with in house made state-of-the-art crane and transportation systems; Scheffer can provide its customers with innovative solutions tailored to their individual needs while managing and coordinating the whole process for them.

No matter if as a general contractor or as a supplier for transport systems, working with Scheffer guarantees the highest quality service, management and products from one of the world market leaders in the galvanizing and crane industry.

Your contact at Scheffer

Philipp Roth
Tel.: +49 175 9360-389
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Jörg Koglin
Tel.: +49 175 9360-970
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