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Rezinal nv from Belgium is the trendsetter in sustainable recycling of zinc ashes (zinc skimmings), zinc scrap and other zinc-containing materials. The name Rezinal originates from the abbreviation of its manufacturing purpose: REcycling, ZINc metal and ALloys.

Rezinal is the architect and world leader of zinc recycling; it transforms crude zinc skimmings from hot-dip galvanisers and zinc sheets into high-quality secondary zinc. The secondary zinc and by-products are used in high-value applications, such as hot-dip galvanizing, brass production, and zinc oxide production.

Rezinal has its industrial operations in Zolder, Belgium and serves a global worldwide customer base.

Today, with an infinite capacity, Rezinal is Europe’s largest secondary zinc producer and one of the leading producers in the world.

They dedicate most of their R&D efforts to producing secondary zinc using the best available clean zinc recycling technologies. The state of the art manufacturing technology is designed to contribute to the eco-friendly way of life. Rezinal’s goal is to continuously strive to create sustainable value by developing, manufacturing and recycling zinc materials. This keeps the zinc processing industries’ chain closed and future generations do not lose any valuable raw materials: an important contribution to a better environment and a greener future.

Zinc skimmings & bottom dross

Hot-dip galvanising is a process that helps protect steel objects against corrosion. During galvanising, the steel objects acquire a protective zinc coating that renders them corrosion resistant. The galvaniser immerses pre-treated steel objects in liquid zinc, at a temperature of about 450 degrees Celsius. The zinc reacts with the steel, thereby forming a protective coating. After galvanising, crude zinc ashes appear as a thin layer on the surface of the galvanising bath. These are removed after each cycle. Among other things, Rezinal process zinc ashes received from hot-dip galvanising (construction), zinc-coating of wires and pipes, and zinc smelting residues. It is an ecological solution since it keeps the chain closed and zinc ashes are converted into valuable raw materials.

Zinc bottom dross is a by-product generated during the hot-dip galvanising of steel. The liquid zinc reacts with the steel, thereby generating zinc bottom dross and zinc ashes (zinc skimmings). The zinc bottom dross - an alloy of iron and zinc – is deposited on the bottom of the galvanising bath and is regularly removed. Rezinal is a major player in the zinc bottom dross market and upgrades zinc bottom dross into new raw materials for the zinc-processing industry.

Zinc sheets

Rezinal processes old zinc sheets or zinc scrap that has reached the end of its useful life. Some well-known examples of zinc sheet products are roof gutters, rainwater pipes, external wall and roof cladding. There is no loss of valuable raw materials even during the manufacture or installation of these sheet zinc articles. Rezinal also processes the remnants generated during the manufacturing process or during installation into raw materials for the zinc-processing industry.

Products and Services

The zinc-processing industry is not only a supplier to Rezinal but is also its largest market. We supply quality products such as zinc metal, zinc alloys and intermediates. For zinc-processing companies, Rezinal is a guarantee that zinc residues will be processed in a legal and sustainable manner and appropriately valued. Rezinal provides a comprehensive service so that companies can focus on their core business.

Rezinal zinc metal

Rezinal recycles zinc ashes and zinc scrap to zinc metal in two different qualities: Rezinal 1 (min. 98.5 % Zn) and Rezinal 2 (min. 98 % Zn). Rezinal offers the most suitable quality, according to the application.

The benefits of Rezinal zinc are:

  • available in blocks of 25 kg (1 tonne bundle) and jumbo blocks of 1 tonne;
  • ecological: Rezinal tries to find the most ecological production technology. Thus, the energy and water consumption during zinc recycling is significantly lower than when manufacturing primary zinc from ores. Rezinal also wishes to set good example in terms of CO2 emissions.
  • it is more economical than primary zinc manufactured from ores.

Rezinal services

An accurate knowledge of the composition of the galvanising bath is crucial for every galvanising company. Rezinal is aware of this and offers its partners a full galvanising bath analysis. The galvanising bath analysis is highly accurate and is done using the wet chemical method (ICP - Inductively Coupled Plasma), so that hot-dip galvanising companies can maintain the composition of the zinc bath at an optimal level. Rezinal also analyses all the raw materials and finished products supplied. This is the only way in which the company can guarantee the correct valuation of the raw materials supplied and the quality of its products.

The transport and logistics of zinc is subject to a variety of stringent laws and regulations. Rezinal specialises in recycling zinc scrap and zinc ashes (zinc skimmings) into zinc metal and is therefore very well placed to make appropriate logistical arrangements for its customers. Apart from a wide experience and expertise in transport and logistics, Rezinal also provide bins to galvanising companies. For further information visit

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