KVK KOERNER offers Green Technology

KVK KOERNER has been working in the galvanizing industry for more than 40 years. Since the beginning of their activities their goal has always been to offer products and process technology that meet the highest possible standards in quality, lifetime and environmental protection.

Green technology does not only mean environmental protection. Koerner‘s approach is much wider. Their philosophy is to serve the market with best available quality products, together with highest standard on process technology.

That leads to extremely long lifetime (30 years and more) for KVK tanks that have been delivered all over the world. The patented KVK plate, which is produced in-house to their high manufacturing standards, result in the world’s toughest pretreatment tanks.

Encapsulated pretreatment according the KVK KOERNER System

Environmental protection was always an important point for their products - KVK KOERNER was the first company to supply an encapsulated pretreatment line more than 20 years ago. The special design of that type of plants including scrubber technology is known today as the KVK SYSTEM which has the highest efficiency in terms of process technology together with maximum energy saving as its mission. For over 20 years KVK KOERNER has supplied the KVK system worldwide.

An encapsulated pretreatment system guarantees that acidic fumes are kept inside the encapsulation so that the building and cranes are not exposed to an aggressive atmosphere. This makes it possible to install automatic crane systems and to reach higher efficiency in pickling technology because heating of the acid is made possible.

Since these types of plant also became interesting for investors outside Europe, KVK KOERNER offered turnkey galvanizing plants, together with their partners, to the worldwide galvanizing industry. Starting from evaluation of requirements, developing the optimum layout for clients, up to design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, training and production assistance KVK KOERNER offers a complete package.

In the company‘s opinion it is not enough to supply and commission a galvanizing plant. It is equally important to train the personnel - not only on the equipment, but also for galvanizing skills, which is something completely different to equipment supply. KVK KOERNER specialists have more that 30 years experience as production managers in different types of galvanizing plants. They guarantee quickest production start-up including practical training of galvanizing staff, without making costly mistakes, that can happen without professional support.

One result of an ongoing search for ideas to make the whole process more efficient and easier for the operators is the KVK Pickling Optimizer, which was introduced to the industry at Intergalva 2003 in Amsterdam. This software makes pickling management very easy and is now available in its second update including influence of temperature for evaluating pickling speed.

Another development has been a system to create a movement of the material during the pickling process without using the cranes and pumping the liquid. This equipment increases pickling quality and reduces pickling time significantly.

Although their core business is the pretreatment part of the process, KVK KOERNER are also developing other items to help galvanizers to save energy, increase efficiency and improve safety.

A latest development is the integrated zinc kettle cover. During Intergalva 2018 KVK KOERNER will give a paper about this brand new equipment.

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