Galvanizing Technologies and German Engineering - Dipl.Ing Herwig GmbH

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of chemicals and zinc alloys for the galvanizing industry, Dipl.-Eng. Herwig GmbH’s main principles are: Efficiency, Flexibility and Vision towards the Future.

The company develops new products for the galvanizing industry and their portfolio includes several specialty processes, recycling of chemicals and projects or building of galvanizing plants. Herwig also holds numerous patents in galvanizing. Their personal involvement in the industry ensures state-of-the-art products because of research and development and a comprehensive problem-solving know-how as the right companion for the galvanizers.

Herwig provides a full range of consulting services aimed to help customers achieve the best galvanizing practices and results:

  • Environmental-friendly processes to maximize output and improved galvanized quality
  • Custom made solutions to fit each galvanizers’ requirements and demands
  • In-plant training and knowledge ‘refreshing’ of galvanizing concepts and best practices
  • Seminars in galvanizing

Their product range includes:

  • Degreasing agents (environmentally-friendly)
  • Inhibitors (to improve the pickling process)
  • Zinc alloys (to improve appearance and lower zinc consumption)
  • White rust protectors

Research,  development and trade

Through active membership in several galvanizing associations worldwide, Herwig is committed to work in the best interests of the industry. In cooperation with international partner companies, special zinc alloys and chemicals have been developed to meet the highest quality requirements. Specialist knowledge and the latest research findings acquired through the close contact with customers are successfully integrated in these processes.

The company is increasingly committed to strengthen its international markets by expanding and consolidating Herwig’s global network of sales and partnerships. This ensures that their worldwide customers enjoy greater flexibility and greater market transparency.

Worldwide presence

As a proven specialist in the galvanizing sector, technical support is provided customers through a worldwide network of agents and representatives. Each member of this network operate independently and Herwig adds its support in the form of training courses and joint visits on site. Customers all over the world have their own local contact partner – someone who can support them in their own national language and with an understanding of the local mentality and conditions. The times needed to react to customers’ requirements and needs can thus be kept to a minimum.

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