A Unique and New Kind of Gloss Retention from STOCKMEIER

…without any chromium or polymers

The research department of STOCKMEIER Chemie has developed a new kind of gloss retention for galvanized surfaces. As with many other developments, emphasis has been placed on the important aspects of environmental compatibility, innovation and sustainability.

Lerapas® ZN 14, the new gloss retention product, contains neither chromium or other heavy metals nor polymers or halogens. The concentrate is not a dangerous product for transport (GGVS / ADR) and the prepared solution is not hazardous to water. Even a subsequent use of the spent solution could be possible (e.g. for make-up of a stripping bath). A pH of about 4 and bath temperatures below 40°C minimize the risks for the employees. The low viscosity causes rapid drying so that the processing times are only slightly extended by the additional production step. The combination of all these features makes this gloss retention system very unique.

A very low concentration (1 – 2%) and the make-up with tap water instead of demineralized water are further advantages that clarify our weighting of resource protection and cost minimisation.

These advantages are offered with the same high quality as other STOCKMEIER products.

The gloss retention effect of Lerapas® ZN 14 has been confirmed in field trials by customers under extreme weather conditions and in comparison to other products in use that try to achieve similar effects. For one customer, the product has been running for almost 4 years and the quota of complaints based on zinc layer appearance has been reduced to nearly zero. The gloss of the freshly hot-dip galvanized surface is retained. Afterwards the gloss will be transformed slowly and evenly into the desired zinc patina.This gloss retention system is another example of the continuous development of STOCKMEIER’s products for pre- and post- treatment in hot-dip galvanizing. Other projects that illustrate the successful application of the same principles in cooperation with their customers are:

  • Alkaline degreasing with very good cleaning effect from
    just 30°C
  • Acidic phosphate-free degreasing with unlimited bath life that does not cause encrustation on the heating elements
  • A multifunction pickling additive which, in addition to the reduction of pickling steam, combines many other properties in one product
  • Flux additives, which inter alia significantly reduce drying times
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