The Saar-Polygon

Ensdorf, Germany

Highly Commended: Landmark Architecture


In 2012, coal mining in the Saar ended after more than 250 years. To create a monument for the Saar Mining region and the miners, but also to look towards the future, the Saar-Polygon has been created at Ensdorf.

The finished sculpture combines the past, the period of change and the future to create a reminder of an essential historical part of the region: its coal mining. The Saar-Polygon is already one of the striking sights in Saarlouis and it allows an impressive view even to France and Luxembourg.

The 30m-high hot dip galvanized steel structure forms a walk-in monument consisting of two slanting towers connected by a bridge. Depending on which direction you look at the monument from, it changes shape, assuming the form of a rectangular arch, an inverted triangle, an inverted V, an hour glass-like structure and finally like the letter T falling onto its side. The shape of ‘The Polygon’ itself vaguely resembles the supporting structures that have been used in underground mining.

Project Details

Pfeiffer Sachse Architekten UG
Claus Queck GmbH
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