Central Bus Station

Haldensleben, Germany

Judges' Award Winner


The new central bus station in the town of Haldensleben gracefully fills a void that gives shape to what had until recently been an abandoned site in front of the main railway station.

The requirement for sheltered links between bus stops and local traffic management regulations pointed to an enclosed structure. The architects however thought differently and their final design cleverly achieves a very open structure that adheres to the design brief. A semi elliptical roof supported by slender steel sections, rectangular in plan, has such a light footprint that local residents and travellers affectionately refer to it as being like a UFO. The internal enclosed space has been landscaped and become a popular gathering space not only for commuters but also local residents.

A clever additional touch has been provided by semi enclosed seating areas that offer some privacy. The structure is extremely light and economical. Hot dip galvanized steel, which is the predominant material, ensures a long service life and has made a significant contribution to minimising of construction costs. The entire structure was pre-fabricated and easily erected on-site.

Project Details

Schulitz Architects, Braunschweig Germany
Structural Engineer
EFA (formerly RFR) Stuttgart
Lighting design
SSP Hildesheim
Landscaping design
NSP Hanover
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