Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

New Zealand

Highly Commended


The Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, New Plymouth is a bridge like no other. Its evocative and ethereal style harmonised to its setting has catapulted it to being a potent cultural and community symbol. It has captured the imagination of bridge engineers and architects around the world - as a singly unique blend of both engineering and art.

The bridge’s balustrades were galvanized to HDG900 as designated in AS/NZS 2312. Then, after suitable preparation, one coat of matt white epoxy of nominal dry film thickness of 75 microns was applied. A further coat of semi gloss white polyurethane paint of nominal dry film thickness of 50 microns.

Project Details

Novare Design Ltd / Peter Mulqueen
Webforge (NZ) Ltd
Completion Date
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