Morris Arboretum – ‘Out on a Limb’ Adventure

University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Highly Commended


Weaving like a spider web throughout the verdant canopy of the Morris Arboretum, the hot dip galvanized steel walkways of the “Out on a Limb Adventure” provide a pathway to the treetops for nature enthusiasts. Located just outside of Philadelphia, it was developed to give visitors a bird’s-eye view of the forest.

Consisting of a 450-foot long canopy walk constructed around a 250 year-old chestnut oak tree, the hot dip galvanized steel structure overlooks the steeply sloped woods of the Wissahickon Valley. In keeping with the bird’s eye theme, visitors can walk into a human-sized bird’s nest constructed of galvanized steel and interwoven with branches hovering at a daring 80 feet above the forest floor.

Project Details

Metcalfe Architecture and Design, Alan Metcalfe
DDM Steel Company
University of Pennsylvania
Completion Date
The International Galvanizing Conference
Organised by European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) and hosted by Associazione Italiana Zincatura (AIZ).
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