Morris Arboretum – ‘Out on a Limb’ Adventure

University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Highly Commended


Weaving like a spider web throughout the verdant canopy of the Morris Arboretum, the hot dip galvanized steel walkways of the “Out on a Limb Adventure” provide a pathway to the treetops for nature enthusiasts. Located just outside of Philadelphia, it was developed to give visitors a bird’s-eye view of the forest.

Consisting of a 450-foot long canopy walk constructed around a 250 year-old chestnut oak tree, the hot dip galvanized steel structure overlooks the steeply sloped woods of the Wissahickon Valley. In keeping with the bird’s eye theme, visitors can walk into a human-sized bird’s nest constructed of galvanized steel and interwoven with branches hovering at a daring 80 feet above the forest floor.

Project Details

Metcalfe Architecture and Design, Alan Metcalfe
DDM Steel Company
University of Pennsylvania
Completion Date
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