Leading Galvanizing Technology Made by Scheffer

Scheffer Krantechnik has been developing and manufacturing complex crane and transport systems for a wide range of applications and industry sectors since 1963. By constantly focusing on top quality, both in terms of its products and services, over the years Scheffer has become an veritable institution in the crane and transport industry. Its services range from planning and construction, manufacturing and assembly and a comprehensive after-sales service including training and maintenance. Scheffer Krantechnik accompanies its customers from A to Z, and far beyond.

Over the past decades, the company has established itself as one of the world’s market leaders and a reliable partner in the steel handling sector and for hot-dip galvanizing plants.

In the steel handling sector, Scheffer’s very own swing-free cable tensioning and in-house manufactured magnet lifting technology offers outstanding advantages, such as short cycle times, pinpoint accuracy and increased personal and machine safety.

Their extensive knowledge of complex cranes for more than 20 years, has influenced and inspired the development of components for hot-dip galvanizing plants. Many owners and operators of hot-dip galvanizing plants in Germany, Europe and all over the world have chosen the reliability and efficiency of our components as well as complete plant installations.

Their product range comprises all individual components, from manual to fully automatic transport systems, for high-performance plants, including material flow planning, layout design and real time simulation to maximise productivity and optimise capital cost.

Customers’ needs and demands often differ, but Scheffer’s modular system enables them to engineer any layout the customer requires. Scheffer Krantechnik is not only the perfect contact partner for new plants, but they can also be the first port of call when it comes to modernising or upgrading existing facilities.

All equipment, from a conventional overhead bridge cranes, to the automatic drive units, are specifically designed for the rough and challenging working conditions encountered within a hot-dip galvanizing plant and also engineered to meet the tailor-made solutions for customer’s individual demands.

The process management software supplied by Scheffer is the heart of the automatic systems. Developed by their inhouse software engineers, who are constantly looking for new ways to use the data from the automatic operation to provide the customer and the plant operators, in a user friendly, manner, important and relative information.

With the SCHEFFER system it is always possible to survey the entire process and to get detailed information by simply clicking on components or jigs. Data such as weight, order priority and much more can be easily displayed. The system is able to highlight specific individual areas such as storage, pretreatment and zinc line and to provide a read out the data. An advantage of this capability is that it is possible to make process adjustments as needed, e.g. adjustment of all recipes based on the individual acid qualities in the pretreatment section and for the operator to independently modify the entered recipes for the automatic process.

With the data provided by the software, protocols are created which allow the operator to understand the entire production from the pretreatment to the zinc furnace or the storage and set-up area. This feature allows controlling of all areas and workplaces and enables the operators to make optimal use of the plant and improve productivity.

In addition, the software itself offers optimization solutions, in the event that individual orders need to be advanced, end of shift or start times must be set, or jig stations could be better utilized.

Using our service pages in the software, adjustments of components can be carried out without a technician from Scheffer having to be on site. Illustrated manuals and documentation is available to support the maintenance personnel, as well as to provide the ability to set their own input fields, for the parameterization acquisition of their required data.

With these software functions, Scheffer enables its customers to gain insight into the overall system and also allows them to customize it to their own system. This way, every plant operator worldwide can use, manage, monitor and check his plant independently.

The Scheffer galvanizing plants will also be equipped with a remote maintenance module, to support all Scheffer components in the system. This allows the Scheffer specialists to connect online with the individual component controls to support our customers in diagnosing and interpreting operational messages, and can carry out minor software adjustments quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

The reliability of Scheffer products is ensured by the company‘s investment in continuous development and time and again launching highly innovative products and technology.

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