Gimeco: Leading The Way In Galvanizing

It was in 1742 that a French chemist, PJ Melouin, described the dipping of iron in molten zinc and later, in 1836, that Stanislas Sorel first patented the hot dip galvanizing method of protecting iron surfaces from corrosion.

In 1976 GIMECO started reinventing that method strengthened by our past as professional galvanizers with a great knowledge of metallurgical processes. and have been designing, building, installing and renovating hot-dip galvanizing plants as well as providing services and training for over 45 years now.

Fundamental ground on which the company is building their future and that of their customers is true innovation, improvement and quality obsession and a team attitude.

At times, GIMECO’s pioneering choices have also helped to improve the way of “being a galvanizer” globally as true forerunners for many technological concepts. Plant design and style has become a recognizable (and occasionally imitated) standard.

A Single Partner, From Engineering To Exclusive Services

GIMECO covers the entire production cycle: each and every section, component and equipment is designed and manufactured by the company.

Specialisations include the engineering, commissioning and start-up of different types of plants such as: General Galvanizing Plants (job shop: steel structures, poles, guardrails, transmission towers, etc.), Automatic Pipe Galvanizing Plants, Automatic Spin Galvanizing Plants (small parts, fittings, chains, bolts and nuts), Dual-purpose Galvanizing Plants along with providing revamping of existing lines and components.

GIMECO’S knowledge and skills deliver solutions that optimize all the process stages: chemical pretreatment and passivation, dryers (pit, aboveground, with infrared technology), furnaces (flat-flame, high-velocity, high-temperature, electrical, dual-chamber), logistics/handling of materials, disposal/regeneration of fumes, waters and acids, energy recovery and by-products, alternative energies technologies to power thermal processes, automation and installation systems for robotics, management and control software, kettle ultrasonic inspections (KIDTM), kettle change-outs, molten zinc pump-outs and holding vessels and chemical products.

Sustainability And Digitalization In Hot Dip Galvanizing

GIMECO combines the natural spirit of innovation with experience and technological capacity to support the hot dip galvanizing industry in the development of automation, information, interconnection and planning by proposing solutions in line with Industry 4.0, in which the digital transformation is the real discontinuity with the past.

Their galvanizing plants are equipped with proprietary software products in order to manage the hot dip galvanizing process and to make it more efficient. These are the Productivity Pack (standard supplied with all our plants, it is used to manage, control and maximize the operation), iKNOW (upon request, it is used to control, manage and optimize energy consumption during the galvanizing process) and HerMES (upon request, the Manufacturing Executive Software suite that manages the entire production cycle of the galvanizing process and integrates other software).

Integration of high performing installations with intelligent control of production variables allows a smart use of resources, leading to virtual elimination of wasting and wild pollution.

A Few Star Milestones Dedicated To Galvanizers

Enclosed pretreatment – Certainly one of the most recognizable innovative concepts introduced by GIMECO in the hot dip galvanizing environment. It can efficiently separate the area where acid fumes are generated from the rest of the surrounding areas leading to high working efficiency while being able to satisfy local pollution directives, workers safety and preserving other structure from wear.

Infrared dryers – An advanced pre-heating technology based on infrared exposure of steel surfaces to be galvanized, in order to reduce the temperature difference before immersion in the zinc.

Dual-chamber furnaces – an advanced solution, awarded within the Horizon 20.20 program, which reduces the floating dross in the zinc bath, allows a drastic decrease of product rejection (-50%) and energy source consumption (-28% in gas-fired furnaces) while giving an increase in kettle life (+30%).

Compact hoists – Introduced a few years ago, these hoists have a new design that saves up to 30% size in height even though granting the same performances with high loading capacity (up to 15 tonnes), a backup double motor and digital positioning.

Smart jigging stations – An complementary hub of several innovations, flexible and well-integrated in the system layout, which provide automatic handling of materials and equipped with high loading capacity (up to 15+15 tonnes) lifters, buffer systems and the newest solutions, such as Safety Locks and Smart Safety Barriers among the others, dedicated to ensure total safety and comfort conditions for workers.

KIDTM and Kettle Management Services – Born as Kettle Inspection Device, KIDTM is the first ever and most advanced system to inspect kettle wall thicknesses. It was originally introduced at INTERGALVA 2006, after a 4 years study together with the Research Council of Canada, expressively focused on engineering a probe which would have been able to accurately collect data while operating directly in molten zinc. Today KIDTM is at its 4th generation and it means a 6 hour-only prompt service, less than 20 kilogrammes of equipment and a refined report delivered after a few days. But more than anything else, KIDTM means monitoring, planning, predicting around your kettle life. Along with KIDTM, services include molten zinc pump-outs, kettle change-outs, mobile holding vessels for molten zinc and furnace tuning services: whatever the needs, they will be met with advanced equipment and trained specialist staff.

HerMES software suite – HerMES suite is a software fully developed and supplied by GIMECO which is a valuable and efficient tool to help galvanizers in managing the plant down to the last detail, accordingly to industry 4.0 requirements with an eye to the reduction of operative expenses, including management of raw materials and finished product logistics.

Always Leading The Way

GIMECO has acquired a global solid reputation and a deep know-how of the entire galvanizing process, implementing and commissioning more than 125 comprehensive plants in over 40 countries and setting up technical support teams on the main international markets to speed up and expand our services.

The company has grown up to the constitution of a solid group of international companies that includes GIMECO USA, a fully operative branch dedicated to the North American market, ZINCO TECHNOLOGIES (Canada), a special branch dedicated to the kettle management service for the North American market and RECYCLEAN SYSTEM (Sweden), specialising in development and supply of special innovative chemical products for the hot dip galvanizing process. Furthermore, in Europe, there are two remote teams, driven by the headquarters, that directly cover the important markets of France, Germany and Benelux.


GIMECO’s team of around 80 permanent staff members offer a wide experience and benefits. The team is fluent in 14 languages, 7 of which are spoken by mother tongue speakers.

GIMECO is a truly reliable leader in the field and is well-established as an all-round single partner for all hot-dip galvanizing needs, those of today as well as those to come, from A to Zinc.

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