Room in the Landscape

Šumava National Park, Modrava, Czech Republic

Highly Commended


The demarcation of space in the landscape in the form of a ‘room’ was a reaction to a request from the municipality of Modrava and the Šumava National Park to create rest places with information for tourists. This first room is located at the confluence of the Streams Modravský and Roklanský from which the River Vydra is created. The walkway of the platform was inspired by the form of a leaf.

Its triangular form creates a structural rigidity that does not require additional transverse bracing. The whole configuration is divided into two squares and nine triangles so that the individual parts could be produced off-site from widely available grating components that are readily hot dip galvanized. This design allows full assembly within a single day.

Project Details

Šépka architekti
Municipality of Modrava
Jaroslav Prošek, Artistic Metalworker
Completion Date
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