Hasco Showcase New Technology to Reduce Plant Energy Usage

Hasco-Thermic Ltd, a leading supplier, designer and manufacturer of hot dip galvanizing plants, will be showcasing highlights from their recent Innovations, Research and Development Programme at this year’s Intergalva event.

Through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Hasco-Tech Ltd, the team at Hasco-Thermic will present their latest range of data-driven technologies designed to improve sustainability, traceability and quality control for the global galvanizing sector.

Innovations include the pioneering HASCO SMART FIRING™ System, a retrofittable system developed with the latest data and analytical techniques to reduce plant energy usage by up to 20%, and extend the lifespan of the kettle and heat exchanger.

Also showcased is the HASCO REMOTE SOLUTION®, which offers real-time plant monitoring, customisable webpages, SMS and e-mailing capabilities and data logging, while the HASCO QUALITY CONTROL™ software package improves quality control with data- based and fully-traceable quality management.

Hasco-Thermic have maintained a strong focus on innovation and sustainability throughout their 45 years of experience, working closely with the EU on initiatives such as the Increase of Competitiveness and Export Promotion (ICEP) programme.

Hasco-Tech Ltd were one of eight British Clean Tech companies to win a place on the EU-funded Start-Up Scale-Up Acceleration Programme, and are now helping the combustion industry to reduce carbon emissions. Visit www.hascothermic.com

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