Hospital Art

Kasukabe Medical Center, Kasukabe, Japan

Shortlisted – Industry Award


The Kasukabe Medical Center is the core of the regional medical center. The overall concept of this medical center is “Sunny place in Spring”. That concept is that the medical center provides the patients and their family with not only functionality of medical treatment but also lets them feel relieved and at peace of mind. Against this background, a lot of works of art are placed in the hospital.

This monument is titled “Gate of Wind” and is located in the entrance square of the hospital. It catches people’s eyes just as they arrive at the hospital. It was created by Takayuki Otsuki, Professor of Nihon University College of Art. He says that he created this monument with the intention that people not only look at its appearance - but also go through it and imagine and feel the shape of the wind.

As the monument is located in a hospital, it must have long life without any deterioration as well as the desired appearance. The technology used for this purpose is a zinc alloy coating with subsequent phosphate treatment. This combination ensures an appearance with uniformity and calm texture that is not faded by ultraviolet rays.

Project Details

Professor Takayuki Ootsuki, Nihon University College of Art
Kowa Kogyo-Sho Co., LTD
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